Economical Design Solutions for the New Future of your Brand

We are a small seasoned team who are able to creatively and quickly fulfill your design needs in all mediums. Perhaps now as we emerge from our time of lockdown it is time to renew your brand.

Marcolina Design is offering free virtual brainstorming sessions to show you out-of-the-box marketing approaches to help your brand retool for the new future. And then we can help plan a cost effective, measured way forward.




Logos, Identity Manuals, Brand Expression

At our heart, we are a branding company. Everything we do, from print, motion or digital, is always informed by the brand tone. Think of us for logo creation and animation to Identity manuals, brochures and packaging. Maybe it is something 

you have been putting off, this pause might be a good time to reimagine or retool your image. With our abilities to morph your image from print to motion to digital you will be able to amortize your dollars and get to market quickly. OUR PROCESS



Web Explainer, Corporate & Trade Show Videos, TV & Movie Titles 

A video is a great way to connect with your audience from a distance. It can reassure them or reignite them around your brand. We have created motion graphics in many forms for large and small companies. TV Titles, tradeshow and 

web videos for some of the worlds largest brands. Don't think of it as video, think of it as a dynamic element that can be integrated in many ways. Please consider us for any kind of moving design you will be surprised at our speed and value. INTERACTIVE VIDEO



Email Blasts, Web Sites, Interactive Mobile

A unique digital asset in your marketing mix can really touch your followers. It can inform and engage on a personal level. And can, in turn, be shared and thus penetrate a deeper market. Let us help you devise a cutting edge email tied

into a surprising website or moving mobile app experience. We have shaped digital content for some of the top digital firms, Adobe, VMware, ATT and Motorola to name a few. Our digital work has been featured in dozens of design publications.



Power Point, Ebooks, Trade Show

Whether you are pitching new business face to face, on stage or online the storytelling and imagery needs to captivate and illuminate the viewer. We never think of a presentation as a "deck" but an opportunity to surprise and engage.

From PPT, to trade shows and even ebooks the approach needs to cut through the clipart clichés by offer well thought out and customized brand wow! It is an increasingly important opportunity to present yourself don't do it without some magic.



Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality

With social distancing the relevance of AR and VR has just been elevated. There is no better way to connect on an intimate level without being present. Combining my personal love of magic with our deep background in solving complex creative 

assignments with motion and interactive graphics we are now offering AR and VR design services. Newly enabled devices, 5g services and public acceptance of AR will open many opportunities for brands to take their visions into the virtual. READ OUR IN-DEPTH AR SITE


We are Denise and Dan Marcolina for more than 2 decades we have been recognized as one of the most technically experienced and creatively versatile small design firms. At Marcolina Design, we work with you to understand the core of your brand to create a coherent and creative solution. The print, interactive, video or mobile design solution we strive for can only coexist within the unique character of your company.

Dan Marcolina and Denise Marcolina

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